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Agustin is a skilled tattoo artist with over 4 years of professional experience. He specializes in blackwork tattoo styles and is well-suited for fine line and traditional tattoos. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or prefer to choose from his book of flash drawings, Agustin takes pride in elevating your vision and bringing it to life with his own unique twist. 

Looking for a fun new tattoo? Don't have any idea what you want? That's ok! Contact Agustin anyway! 

Check out some of his work below and more on his Instagram @amadridtattoos or his fine line work @mekav.tatts by clicking the icon above. 

To book with Agustin, please hit the contact button above to send him a DM on Instagram, or if you don't have Instagram, you may email Agustin at at or choose him on our online booking form.


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