Amber Wu


Arriving in Chicago via Beijing, China, Amber Wu brings a style of tattooing that blends traditional Chinese ink & brush paintings, calligraphy and geometric design for singular pieces that balance concepts of zen with florals, animals, birds and folk architecture.

Wu continues to push her style further to find harmony with more intricate geometrical work,  color shading and dot & line design. Outside of the shop, Amber enjoys natural surroundings and projects that require deep focus like portrait embroidery.  Amber's art and tattoo work have been exhibited in galleries throughout China and her murals can be seen in several Beijing locations.  

Amber is constantly pushing her style to evolve.  To see new work as well as fresh concepts she hopes to tattoo, please follow her on instagram @amtattoo_art.  

Please note, Amber's books are closed through 2021. Send her a message to book for 2022. 

bird illustration
watercolor heron
wolf tattoo
brushwork lotus tattoo
watercolor bird tattoo
watercolor lotus
brushwork tattoo
brushstroke tattoo
abstract geometry
dot work tattoo