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Cosmic franny

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June 15 - 20TH


My name is Fran and my purpose here is to create a mindful experience while holding space for body & soul. My work focuses mainly on anatomical and botanical studies. I do love larger pieces & have a faible for details & shadings, surreal stuff and animals + a nice variety of different styles. My tattoo journey started more or less 6 years ago while I was living in Mexico-City (this is also where I live now), originally I'm from Germany and I lived and tattooed in Berlin & Lisbon for quite some time. 

I wish I could find the right words to describe how meaningful tattooing is to me. I have a hard time doing so, but what I can say is that I am forever grateful for the people who trust me with their skin and share their stories and open their hearts with me. Tattooing is such an intimate experience and I want to make it as beautiful, unique and safe as I possibly can. 


Besides I also read tarot and would definitely be up for tattooing more beautiful pieces which are connected to the spiritual realm. :) 

Check out some of Franny's work below and some of her flash she would love to tattoo on you! 

To book with Franny, please DM her on Instagram or fill out our studio booking form and choose "Franny" as your artist!

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