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Kel Tait

Coming to Chicago from the UK via Australia Via all around the United States is Kel Tait.  Internationally recognized and published, her realistic watercolor tattoos are vibrant and loud yet soft.  She uses animals, florals and geometric patterns to create her unique style that stands out in a sea copied googled reference photos.  Each one of Kel's works starts as a fully rendered watercolor painting.  The attention to detail and the preparation show each time in the finished tattoo design.

Due to amount to work that goes into each piece, and in order to maintain her extremely high regard for quality, Kel has a specific booking process.  To book with Kel, simply send her an email at Kel.Tait.Tat2@gmail.com and fill out her auto reply. Generally expect a couple days to a week for a response.  Believe us, the wait is worth it.