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Killian started tattooing in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 2007. Through his career he's travelled extensively through the US, Latin America and Europe to steal tricks from the from the best artists guesting in over 30 tattoo shops and is currently working at Apocalypse Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Killian specializes in large-scale tattooing focusing on Biomech, Illustrative and Realism. His version of tattooing is based on of efficiency, speed and fairness. Worry not about having a design done before you get in touch, he's a seasoned concept artist and can quickly work out multiple versions of the future for you to choose from. As an immigrant and son of blue collar workers, I place high value on fairness in my pricing. 

I prefer working on images relating to mythology, fantasy art, sex, science and psychedelia but Im open to anything that is interesting! I value high attention to detail and narrative in custom built images. 

Let's make something interesting together. Let's get real weird with it. 

To book with Killian, please visit his website 

Follow Killian on Instagram @thekillingmoon 

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