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NOW BOOKING September 24 - 28th

Marissa Monroe is a tattoo artist based in Manhattan, New York City. She began her tattoo journey at the end of 2019. She learned under her mentor at Fleur Noire tattoo, then later went with her mentor when she opened a private studio. In July 2021, Marissa completed her apprenticeship and opened an appointment-only studio in Manhattan. 

Her favorite thing about tattooing is her clients. Her unique style attracts a clientele she feels particularly connected with. In 2021 she started working with Cosmopolitan on a few different tattoo shows posted across various social media platforms. This broadened her clientele base from NYC to places all around the world. She began doing guest spots at the end of 2021, and is always excited to get to meet and connect with clients from everywhere.


Check out some of her work below and to see more check out her Instagram @pinkprincezzz/ or by clicking the icon above. 

To book your tattoo with Marissa please click the box above and send her an email at or fill out our booking form and choose Marissa as the artist you want!  

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