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Natalia was born in Chicago and studied here, but she doesn't have American accent at all because she was raised in Poland :) She studied architecture which fascinated her, but her love for art led  to find tattooing. She was born with drawing and painting abilities like she worked on them in a previous life. In schools she drew bodies instead of taking notes since early years. Tattooing is a fascinating world for her because it is as diverse as painting yet the canvas is always human body. She has learned that there are so many ways to decorate it and that is something she considers the most - how the design will fit the body. 

Natalia works with black and grey realism, fineline delicate floral and is open to color as well! 

Check out some of her work below and to see more check out her Instagram or by clicking the icon above. 

To book your tattoo with Natalia please click the box above  to send her an email or  DM her on Instagram. 

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