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Pozo is a 34 year old tattooer from Chile who has been tattooing for 7 years and  specializes in traditional tattooing techniques but with a personal approach which comes from his love for sci-fi movies, games and illustrations; this means you can find a lot of starships, cyborgs, organic and bio-mechanic elements in his work. Besides this he can do whatever tattoo you want in the style that you want if you talk about it beforehand. 

Pozo loves  tattooing so much and how every artist is a world on its own and that pushes him to find himself through drawing and tattooing. This is a unique world where everything is possible if your imagination allows it!

Check out some of his work below and to see more check out his Instagram @pozotatuaje or by clicking the icon above. 

To book your tattoo with Carlos please click the box above and send him a detailed email with your tattoo ideas, approximate size, bodily placement and any inspiration images you have! 

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