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NOW BOOKING Dec 20th - Feb 10th


Seong-ho is from Antofagasta, Chile. He has been tattooing for 5 years now. What Seong-ho loves about tattoos are the infinite possibilities we can design a concept and adapt it to the fluidity of the human body, working alongside the client. I focus on blackwork style with oriental elements, dotwork and fine line, but can handle a variety of styles and have interest in Neo-traditional.


A little about Seong-ho,  he has korean and chilean parents, likes oriental food and the cold winter. 


Check out some of his work below and to see more check out his Instagram @yoon.seong.ho or by clicking the icon above. 

To book your tattoo with Seong-ho please click the box above and DM him on Instagram or fill out our booking form and choose Seong-ho as the artist you want!  

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