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Hi, this is Song from Thailand. I started working in tattoo in 2012 in Thailand since then I never look back. I moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to work in the US for the first time, it was an eye-opening experience surrendering by great artists. 


During Covid, I moved to New York and met so many talented artists, I have learned a lot and have found my style that I really enjoy to work such as micro-realism, fine-line, and geometry styles. After I settle down in New York I still wanna explore this country more. So, I decided to move to Miami, where I can enjoy the beach and sun.


Besides, I couldn’t stop traveling as I don’t want to regret myself taking the opportunity. So next I decided to work as a guest artist in Chicago at Logan Square Tattoo.


I hope to see you guys in the shop and have a nice time tattooing!


Check out some of Song's available deisigns and previous tattoo work below and to see more check out their two Instagram pages:   @underline.b & @burintattoo or by clicking the two icons above. 

To book your tattoo with Song please click the box above and email Song directly or fill out our booking form and choose Song as the artist you want!  

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